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1. Where can I find the User Manual?

User manuals are supplied in both in printed copy as well as in PDF format stored in the “Device Drivers and Utilities + User’s Manual” CD-/DVD-ROM.  Both come together with your laptop.

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2. There are missing items with my product.

Besides the full laptop, you should also have the following items: AC/DC Adapter, 3-Pin Plug, Battery Pack, Phone Cable, User Manual, Device Driver DVD-ROM, CyberLink™ DVD Suite DVD-ROM and the following OPTIONAL media (Notebook Recovery DVD and Anti Virus Software DVD) depending on the package.  If you found there are missing items, please refer to the point of purchase.

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3. How can I order parts / accessories?

Replacement service parts are only available through service repair jobs at Suzuki Service Centres (both in Singapore and its Distributors outside Singapore).  Likewise for accessories, they can be purchased at Suzuki Service Centre in Singapore and any Suzuki Authorized Distributors outside Singapore. Click here to look for the address and contacts of Suzuki Service Centre in Singapore and its Distributors outside Singapore.

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4. What is the warranty on Laptops and accessories?

Suzuki Laptops purchased in Singapore come with the following warranty: First Year covering both parts and services; Second and Third Year covering services only. 

Suzuki Portable USB Storage products purchased in Singapore come with Three (3) Years Warranty on Parts and Services.  This warranty ONLY covers on the hardware.  Software and data are NOT covered.

For Suzuki Netbooks and other Accessories purchased in Singapore come with One (1) Year Limited Warranty.

For Suzuki Laptops, Netbooks and all Accessories that are sold in countries outside Singapore via our Authorised Distributors, please refer to the respective distributors for more details.

NOTE: A proof of purchase is required for any warranty service on your Suzuki Laptops and accessories.  There are some defects that do not cover under the Warranty (find explanation in Item 6), please contact Suzuki Service Centres for more details on this matter

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5. How do I take care of my laptop?

It is the responsibility of the user to properly and safely handle their laptop with care to reduce the risk of incurring any service costs. The following information is applicable to Suzuki Laptops as well as any other computer laptops regardless of their brands, unless otherwise advised. Click here for more details. You can also refer to the User’s Manual in both printed and PDF format for the proper usage and care of your laptop.

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6. Why is it that some damages to the notebook are not covered by the warranty?

Product warranty covers general functional failure under proper care and usage. Some damages are attributable to extrinsic cause such as accidental damage, negligence, wear & tear and etc. Defects attributable to extrinsic cause are excluded from the warranty. Refer to Item 5 on how to take care of your laptop.

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7. What information do I need before contacting Suzuki Service Center?

Please have the laptop Model, Part and Serial numbers which are located on the underside of the laptop before calling.  Click here to look for the address and contacts of Suzuki Service Centre in Singapore and its Distributors outside Singapore.

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8. What else should I bring along when I visit the Suzuki Service Centre to service my laptop?

Before bringing your notebook for service, be sure to backup your data and remove any unnecessary accessories, including, but not limited to, power cords, CDs/DVDs, SD Cards, etc. Suzuki shall not be responsible and fully disclaims any and all liability for any of the above accessories or data included with the product.

Please bring along the purchase receipt of your laptop.  If you are not sure if the problem is cause by the original AC/DC Adaptor and/or 3-Pin Plug, please bring them along as well.

If you have added any additional hardware to the computer, for example additional memory other than the original memory provided, different wireless card, modem, hard drive etc. Please inform the Service Centre as this kind of information is critical to properly diagnose your Suzuki laptop.

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9. Where can I find the nearest Suzuki Service Centre in my location?

Click here to find out the nearest Suzuki Service Centre in your location.

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1. Why my laptop feels too hot or overheats?

It is normal for some areas of the laptop to be warmer.  These areas are usually where the Fan and Hard Disk Drive are located within the laptop. 

Laptop models that use higher end Processors and/or with Dedicated Graphic Processor will dissipate more heat and thus feel warmer than those that use lower end Processors and without Dedicated Graphic Processors.  This is same to the AC/DC Adaptors with higher current output rating as compare to those with lower current output rating.

Please always ensure that the air vents on the laptop chassis are free from blockages when the laptop s in operation so as to ensure the hot air within can be expelled out of the laptop effectively.

The laptop has a built-in heat sensor that can auto power off the machine if the heat within the chassis builds up over the pre-set temperature level, that is overheats.  Please do not worry that the laptop will burn unless it has been subjected to inappropriate or negligent usage. If your laptop should auto power off during operation, please contact Suzuki Service Centre near you for assistance.  Clickhere for the contacts.

As the feeling and tolerance of heat is subjective to different individuals, if you find you have a lower heat tolerance, avoid using the laptop in a position that the chassis comes in contact with your skin for a long period of time.

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2. Why is the display on my notebook dim?

This would happen if you unplug the AC/DC Adaptor from the laptop and operate with the Battery alone.  This display dimming function is to help to reserve the Battery power consumption.  If you prefer the display to be brighter, press Fn+F9 otherwise press Fn+F8 to decrease the display brightness further.  Alternatively you could change the Power Scheme Setting through the Power Option in Windows XP or set the Adaptive Display setting to Off through the Change Advise Power Settings selection in the Power Option in Windows Vista.

However if your display is so dim to the extent that you can barely see what the screen displays, this could be cause by a hardware problem, as such please contact the Suzuki Service Centre near you.  Clickhere for the contacts.


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3. Why does a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) fail, such as Bad Sector or unusually noisy?

The HDD in the laptop has a fragile mechanism and is susceptible to damage through sudden shock which will cause the disk surface to be scratched. When this happens, the information held on the disk could be damaged or loss. This is the most common cause of HDD failure and is not a manufacturing defect.

Please ensure you wait for the HDD indicator light to go out before they move the computer. In addition, please take extra measure to avoid the laptop from dropping or subjected to sudden impact even if it is stored in a carrying case/bag.

A HDD may not be expensive to replace but the data within are not replaceable or cover under any warranty should the HDD fails.  Data recovery services provided by a professional third-party organization (Suzuki Technology does not provide this form of services) are very expensive and your lost data is not guaranteed to be 100 percent recoverable.  As such the only method to secure and protect your data is to backup your data on a regular basis.  In addition, consider keeping two exact copies of your valuable data, this is to ensure if one storage device fails, you still have another source that stores the other copy.

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4. Why is the Battery in the laptop not holding charge, has short battery life, or does not last?

The Battery in your laptop is a rechargeable type which is similar to the one found in your mobile phone.  The charge holding time of a rechargeable Battery can vary due to the following causes: shelf life; charge cycle used, product model configuration, applications, power management settings and features utilized, as well as the natural performance variations produced by the design of individual components.

Published battery life numbers cannot remain the same over time and are subject to change based on how the Battery is usually charged and/or how the laptop is operated. When a Battery has gone through many charge and recharge cycles, the battery will lose its ability to perform at maximum capacity. This is normal for all batteries.

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5. Can I recover HDD passwords?

HDD passwords are designed to be 100% secure and there is nothing available to reset or remove the HDD password. Users must ensure they have regular data backups. A new HDD will be required and is not covered by the standard warranty.

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6. Why does my laptop sometimes run slower than normal or lagging?

One of more of the following could possibly cause a laptop to run slower or lags:

a)       Automatic Virus updates/background scans

b)       Automatic Windows updates

c)       Logging into a network

d)       Running on batteries instead of A/C power (Could improve by reconfiguring Power Management settings)

e)       Too many applications running (Can consider exiting applications that are not currently not in use)

f)        Virus scanner or Firewall may be blocking a file or application which requires user intervention

g)       Software conflicts or incompatibility with hardware (Try checking the hardware requirements and/or uninstall any recently installed software before the unit started slowing down or locking up)

h)       Software applications may need updated drivers or patches (Try to check the manufactures website for any updates and patches)

i)         Hardware peripherals incompatibility (Try to remove/detach any peripherals connected to the laptop and check manufactures website for any updated drivers and patches)

j)        Reboot machine if unit has not been rebooted in a long time as this will restart/refresh any used cycles that may be looping in the background

k)       Hung application (Try to check the Windows Task Manager for any applications that says "not responding" and end task on those applications)

l)         Extreme temperature or dusty environment (The laptop may over heat if temperature is too hot, or fan/vents are clogged with dust causing insufficient ventilation)

m)     Transferring or installation of large files may cause the machine to run slow (Try to wait until hard drive activity stops and performance will be restored to normal)

If the unit is truly locked up, perform a hard shut down by pressing and holding the power button until the unit shuts down, then switch on the laptop again to see if the problem still persists.  If it does, contact the Suzuki Service Centre near you.  Click here for the contacts.

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7. My laptop has hanged and I cannot shut it down.

If this happens, you will need to perform a hardware reset by pressing and holding down the POWER button for several seconds until the POWER LED on your notebook is off. Restart your notebook by pressing POWER button again to see if the problem still persists.  If it does, contact the Suzuki Service Centre near you.  Click here for the contacts.

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8. How Do I Access the BIOS Settings?

If your laptop is in the Windows environment, perform a Windows Shut Down.  Then switch on the laptop again.  Once you see the SUZUKI welcome screen, press the F2 key which will make the laptop go into the BIOS Setup Screen.

Note: Do not adjust the settings in the BIOS Setup Screen if you are not technically incline otherwise your laptop may not work normally. Please refer to the BIOS Utilities section of the User’s Manual in PDF format for more information in this area.

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12. I have forgotten my BIOS password, how do I unlock it?

If this happens, please bring your laptop and proof of purchase to the Suzuki Service Centre near you.  Click here for the contacts.

Note: Service charges will apply for such service.

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13. I cannot connect to the internet wirelessly. How can I resolve this?

First of all, please ensure you have switched on the Wireless module in the laptop.  To switch on the Wireless module, press Fn+F11 and check that the Wireless indicator light is Green in colour.  Please refer to the User’s Manual in both printed and PDF format for more details.

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15. What do I do if my hard disk is faulty and I need to recover data?

To be advised.  Currently awaiting information from Suzuki’s HDD supplier to confirm if they have a common 3rd party data recovery company in Singapore.